Basic Information Edit

Full Name: Aburame Saiseki

Age: Unknown (Mid-20's at best appraisal)

Village: Hidden Leaf

Clan: Aburame

Rank: Jounin

Description Edit

Whichever In the few times Aburame Saiseki is near-always seen with a pair of sleek black-lensed sunglasses concealing his eyes and a heavy black cloak drawn about his body. On the few occasions Saiseki has been seen not wrapped in his entirety by the concealing voluminous black cloak with the deep and envelopming hood, he was seen to wear a knit black long-sleeved tunic with a tall mandarin collar which concealed his mouth, and a pair of charcoal grey knit pants over black shinobi-styled sandals.

Most notable about him would be his left arm, or lack thereof. The sleeve is rolled up and pinned at the mid-bicep where the arm appears to end. This is usually entirely unseen due to the cloak he wears, and at best parts on his right side to conceal that fact.

Biography Edit

Prior to his time as the squad leader of Team 2 under the Jounin-Sensei Nara Saori, no information regarding the class history or immediate family ties of Aburame Saiseki exists. In truth, all information remaining in relationtion to Saiseki are files pertaining to his capabilities and service records, all of which are exemplary. Upon the dissapearance of Nara Saori, and the promotion of Team 2 (also consisting of Uchiha Shinrar and Hyuuga Keigo) to Jounin-Rank; Saiseki was selected by Saori in her passing to assume the lead position of the Gardener organization which he proceeded to disband in the wake of controvercy. He has since moved on to the lead position of the Yobou Hotoke (Cemetary Guard), a strike force dedicated to the surveillance of, and when necessary, elimination of, unnatural threats to Konoha; which would include everything from Oni and spirits, to the undead.

Details are at best, far from specific, and whether this is of his own doing or otherwise is unknown.