Below are the steps you need to create a character. Please try to find answers to your own questions by reading this PHB before asking a staff member. If you still can not find the answer, then a staff member will be happy to assist you.

  1. Choose a concept. Flesh out who your character is before assigning any numbers.
  2. Choose a village (between Leaf, Sand, or Rain) for your character to be a part of
  3. Choose whether or not your character is a part of a clan. If they are part of a clan, choose which one.
  4. After this, choose your uniques (see the Uniques section for more details on this). You gain 2 Physical, 2 Spiritual, and 1 Core. Clans may receive fewer uniques, see individual clan entries for details.
  5. Track down any staff member or roll-watcher to watch your character's rolls. You roll {(10+2d20)*1, (10+2d20)*1} six times and assign the stats as you see fit. You take the higher of each roll. This is done as displayed, using Server Dice (Which means { and } rather than [ and ] of course), and place the results in whichever attributes you desire. No, you may not gain any other 're-rolls'. Make sure you have your player name, character name, village, clan (if any) and uniques ready before you roll stats.
  6. You receive 25 character points with which to customize your character by purchasing abilities, jutsu, skills and purchase a fighting style. At creation you need not train to purchase anything with this initial CP investment. See Character Advancement and the individual sections for details.
  7. Select any equipment your ninja might have at creation. See Requisition for details on selecting equipment and gear for what equipment you may select.
  8. Read the rules on combat if you haven't already.

Backgrounds Edit

All players may submit a background, a story (of quality) detailing the history of their character leading up to the present. These are graded as a group by the staff, and those of high enough quality may earn rewards. The staff of Naruto World prefers a concise yet impactful background that offers a lot of material for the staff to use (plot hooks, NPCs, etc).

When you are told the results, accept them and let it go. We do not owe you an explanation, and demanding one just establishes a greedy and demanding nature that will never benefit you. Pursuing this fact will result in your potential removal from the game. We all think we're good writers, when a group decides your story wasn't up to par, that's that. As players have established their unwilling nature to accept the grade they earn in the past, this was necessary to establish ahead of time. It needs repeating, *We do not owe you an explanation*. If you get one, consider yourself lucky, don't consider it an excuse to expect things.