Unlike other RPGs we do not force players to keep track of paychecks or their funds. After all, they are servants to the village and money is considered one of the downfalls of ninja. That isn't to say that a ninja doesn't have personal funds, but a ninja just normally doesn't buy weapons and military stuff with his paycheck. That is all supplied by the village.

To represent this, instead of funds and a paycheck ninja have a "Requisition Limit". This represents howm uch gear a ninja can carry on them -at one time-, meaning how much stuff they can get during the mission. They may carry any unspent requisition around as money to bribe people and buy stuff from shops they find. They, of course, have to reimburse the village for anything purchased and account for all expendatures.

A Genin has 100 Ryo per character level in Requisition. A Chuunin has 150 Ryo per character level in Requisition. A Jounin has 200 Ryo per character level for their requisition limit.

In addition, each rank in each catagory of respect (Prowess, Devotion and Wisdom) gives a +50 Ryo bonus to your requisition limit.