Willpower is a measure of your character's resolve and ability to push himself to new heights on command. The added boost obtained by pushing yourself just a bit more can be the deciding factor in whether you succeed or fail.

In NW this is represented as a "pool" that is spent like chakra or stamina. Like chakra or stamina, some of the most powerful jutsu require willpower to even use. Such jutsu can not be further modified by more willpower. Everything else? Willpower can be used in the following ways:

  • You may spend 1 point of willpower to gain a +1d10 bonus on any d20 roll. If you use this method then you may not modify another roll until your next action.
  • Use a point of willpower to lessen a penalty to any d20 roll by 5, to a minimum of 0.
  • Use a point of willpower to ignore the effects having your HP damaged.
  • You may spend one point of willpower per level of the critical effect to ignore the penalties for one action. This does not work on level 5 critical effects or prevent things that take you out of combat.
  • You may spend a point of willpower to continue acting even after all your HP is gone. However, if you take another point of damage while in this state you die.
  • Give an attack that deals vitality/hp damage +1d10 damage. You may spend multiple points of willpower to increase the damage further.
  • Reroll a % roll.

You may spend multiple points of willpower in the same action, but you can't pay for the same enhancement more then once. So you couldn't pay 2 willpwoer to give a +2d10 bonus to your roll. Nor could you spend three points of willpower to completely negate a -15 penalty to your d20 rolls.

You begin each session or RP or mission with (STR+DEX+END+MND+SPR+AGI)/50 willpower points. You may earn points while in session for completing goals, doing cool things, or making fun for the whole group.