In terms of theory and book smarts, you're almost unsurpassed. You probably graduated at the top of your class when it came to written exams--or in the top ten or so if you were particularly lazy.

Knowledge is just a single skill for you, not a group of sub-skills. That single skill applies to all knowledge skills. You may substitute an awareness roll for an investigation roll. This super knowledge skill means you may know a lot more about any, even very esoteric knowledges. Such as an enemy's clan (and thus more insight into his abilities) or some obscure marking, at the GM's option.
You gain a +3 bonus on all MND rolls, including skill checks that use MND but not strikes or dodges. You may also spend a willpower point to substitute any stat with your MND for one action (this does not effect derived traits), effictively using your mind to think of a better way to approach it. Traits so effected do not gain the additional +3 bonus.
Favored Attributes
Mind, Spirit